"What If?" Lenten Devotional

"What If?"

A Faithful Conversation about the Substance Use Disorder Crisis Our Lenten Disciplines What If? What if each clergy and layperson in the West Virginia Conference made time to intentionally fast, pray, listen and respond to God’s call on our lives, individually and as the church? What if we intentionally entered into these spiritual practices to offer God’s love, grace and healing power to those being affected by the opioid epidemic? What if we did this over the Lenten season in order to seek God’s direction for how we as individuals and congregations can respond to this crisis in a way that offers life? What does this require of us?  It requires that each Christian set aside time to listen for God’s call on each of our lives. What if – in this upcoming Lenten season – we really listened and responded?  We might just be a part of God’s life-giving resurrection to a person, a family, a community, a world! Each week during Lent a short devotional page will be available for your use during the week.

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