Live Stream Order of Worship

Live Streaming:  As we are not able to meet in person, First Church has gone live on YouTube. The 10:45 service is now available on Sunday mornings and throughout the week by clicking on the following links:


Order of Worship

First United Methodist Church

March 29, 2020 

Theme: Fighting Like Jesus

Characters of the revolutionaries in Les Mis



Pre Service Music                           Spirit of the Living God       Debbie Bradley, Jill Nelson  

Welcome and Announcements         Rev. Steve Hensley 

Prayer Time

Children’s Time                                 Schauna Chambers

Songs to Sing at Home          Please sing along wherever you are!
                                                               Trust and Obey
                                                      Every Time I Feel the Spirit

Scripture Lesson                               Romans 8: 6-11                           Rev. Steve Hensley

Sermon                                             Fighting Like Jesus                      Rev. Scott Sears

Time of Offering

Song of Praise                        Please sing along where you are!
                                                          Lord of the Dance

Words of Blessing                           Rev. Scott Sears